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Insulation from Hale is owned and operated by the Hale brothers, Brian and Robert Hale. We specialize in new building and retrofit insulation applications including, but not limited to, fiberglass batt, fiberglass blow, cellulose sprays (wet and dry), rock wool, fire stopping, insulation removal, with an emphasis on polyurethane foam. With over 50 years of combined experience insulating in the construction industry, we are committed to insulating each home or building as if it were our own. We understand the insulation concept and how it works, so we are able to do the best job possible. Being a small independent business gives us a hand up on our competition as we do not have to deal with the corporate politics that gets in the way of completing a job correctly and in a timely manner that our larger competitors often face. Already the best home builders in Utah know the Hale Brothers.

Insulation from Hale is committed to being the example of how insulation should be done. Those who care enough about the environment to insulate their buildings correctly can save money and energy by using our company.  Our objective is to be the leading insulation company for quality work. Where most insulation companies say they are the best we actually are. Our work ethic and knowledge of the industry is how we obtain and keep life – long clients.

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