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Blown in insulation is an excellent alternative to batt insulation. It is commonly used in walls and attics, with its incredible ability to mold and fit into any space.

Spray applied cellulose also known as wet spray, is a great way to insulate with less settling and more resisitance to air flow, for an overall better seal.

Batt insulation or blanket insulation is a commonly used in residential applications. With a wide range of R-Values, batt insulation offers design flexablity and affordability.

Known for its highly efficient R Value along with a true air seal and complete vapor barrier. Polyurethane spray foam is the leader in high efficient thermal protection.

 Insulation From Hale offers all types of insulation installs. Whether you're building new construction or remodeling your home, insulation is the foundation to controlling the comfort level of your space. Our experienced sales staff can help you determine what insulation application will be most efficient for your specific project. Below is a brief description of some of the commonly used insulation applications. Choosing the correct application makes a profound difference in the performance of your insulation.



      New Construction
Spray Foam 
      Blown In/
Attic Insulation

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